How I Would Make Web Design A Career…If That’s Actually What I Wanted ;)

19 04 2010

Well, my major at MSU is Special Education: Learning Disabilities, but for the sake of this blog, I’m going to pretend it isn’t, and that I would like to become a Web Designer…

To begin this journey, I would definitely first invest in the required software- Photoshop and Dreamweaver, to start.  I feel that although I am able to  use these in this class, at least somewhat, I would definitely need to become much more familiar with both programs, even in higher level web classes.


Something I’m having trouble with…

29 03 2010

Prompt: On your blog, I want you to tell me the story of something you’ve tried to do or are trying to do that isn’t going so well. I’m going to use these entries to determine what stuff we should actually talk about in class next week.

Well, I’m still pretty amateur at creating and designing websites, so I have not attempted anything too difficult.  But on Module 4, I was having difficulty with sizing on my pages.  For example, I created a banner at the top of my pages, but couldn’t get it to be the full length of the browser.  Then, I couldn’t get the navigation bar to stretch to that size, either.  So, needless to say, my final module game out a bit off-balance.

This is certainly something I’d like to fix before my final project is complete!

Color Blindness & Websites

29 03 2010

Prompt: We’ve looked at color and issues of color blindness this week. What I’d like you to think about is a site you’ve visited recently that doesn’t seem to be carefully attentive to color (for whatever reason). Write up a short plan to modify the page so that it takes into account some of the stuff we’ve learned this week.

If I was to fix a site to make it more accessible for those who are colorblind, I would make sure to take the content emphasis away from color.  For example, some sites will make red for “stop” and green for “go,” to mimic traffic signals.  However, this can be problematic on a website because many people have difficulty sensing the differences in red and green.  Therefore, I would also avoid using red and green closely together on the site (hopefully I’m not designing a Christmas site!!!).  I would also make sure that if these colors were used on my page, another indicator of meaning (such as a picture, icon, etc.) were used in conjunction with it.

While I’m at it, I’d try to find someone with color blindness to double-check my ideas!!

Successful Websites

29 03 2010

Q: What makes a website successful?

When I think good websites, I think usability.  To me, if a website is easy to use, it’s good in my book!

The following features remind me of good usability:

-easy to search in search engine
-streamline; not a lot of clutter, not a lot of words
-easy to navigate through subtitles
-easy-to-use search engine
-easy to skim and navigate through subtitles
-doesn’t take too long to load

I also enjoy a site if it is aesthetically pleasing.  I typically look for good graphics, that compliment the purpose and content of the site.  I also look for a pleasing color scheme that doesn’t hurt my eyes and make me want to exit before I’ve begun reading!

Another important quality in a website is the trustworthiness of the content.  Typically, I’m more likely to use a site if it has a name I’ve heard before, and is typically regarded as credible, so I don’t have to worry about cross-referencing the material on the site before I use it.

Preview of Module 4..

21 03 2010

Well, to be honest, I’m still kind of stuck on Module 4, so I don’t have much of a preview to share!  I’ve been quite indecisive about how exactly I want my blog to look!  I’ve been working on some sketches and I still need to put them into HTML form…  So as soon as I get a style nailed down, it’ll be on my blog! =)

Post 5

22 02 2010

One website I use frequently- almost everyday- is the MSU email site.  Although it does offer some organizational options- the ability to create folders, sort emails, etc.- I do wish more could be done in this area.  I can’t say that I am good with promptly organizing and checking my emails…in fact, I probably have unread emails piled up from the past few months.  So, for people like me, I wish this site had a search in it that allowed me to type in the name of the sender, keyword of the subject, etc. so that I could find an email in the depths of my inbox.

Post 4

22 02 2010

Has anyone ever used the page reader that some of the class readings referenced as a tool for the blind?  How do they work?